20 Feb 2010

time for relaxation

I feel as though I have been working like a pack horse today, not to sound too melodramatic but I really am aching all over. I worked 2pm-8pm yesterday and today was a gnarly 10am-7pm shift, while slowly starving to death and nursing a rather unhappy tummy - so pardon me if i'm quite knackered!

I should explain further I guess, I work at my local Boots - you know the advertisements on TV that run a million times a day? yes, and it's a nice place to work but when you're in early and have to wait until the last round of dinner breaks it is a bit shite. So for most of today I was daydreaming about eating chips and curry sauce, it was torture... reminded me of the good times at college when I would walk to "Kings" the chinese/chippy and have a cone of chips and curry sauce - MEGA! so guess what I had for tea? exactly that! okay... so I had king prawn korma and chips but it was near enough... and it was fabulous, the best comfort food ever after a long day at work.

It doesn't matter how often I work, or whatever happens - I will never understand why people grab at their Boots' Advantage cards and snatch them from my grasp before they have even updated, like the card would update before the customer has paid... I guess we'd all like it to be like that huh? there are so many other things that I would like to rant about too (regarded work) but we all know that employers check out t'internet so i'll shut up.

The point of this blog right here is, well, I tend to blog every couple of days and since I am travelling to Berlin on Tuesday... and I wont have anything to moan about for the duration of the trip, I figured i'd just have a slight rant now while i'm over tired :)

I am very much looking forward to getting out of the country, I haven't felt so relaxed for such a long time (except when at work) and avoidng all the crap that bugs me has really helped - so I shall continue to do so.

I'm falling asleep while watching WarGames, this is such a retro film... awesome.

I will report back when I am sat, bored stiff, at Stansted :)

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