17 Feb 2010

early morning photo session

Picture it, 8:30am - i've just woken up, I fall out of bed... I walk to the bathroom and wash my face, check out the mirror and then instead of continuing to get ready I went and got my camera... but not to photography my ugly mug, but to capture the weird shit I could see in the mirror when I did a little dance.

Don't ask why, I just did - I do odd things at odd times... I shot around 50 images of a fricken mirror, a few more of the selection are on flickr so you're welcome to check them out... I love the crazy lines and rather disgusting residue, would you have known it was a mirror if I didn't tell you?

So today has been one of those fabulous days you can't help but think back on at the end of it and think "wow" :)

I managed to secure a ticket to see Rage Against The Machine (official myspace) at Finsbury Park on June 6th (free show).

I found out Nevermore ("official" myspace) are playing at least one headline show in the UK at the Academy in Islington (one of my fave venues) aannnddd so many other little things that made it a great day.

In less than a week I will be departing for lovely Berlin and will be blogging here throughout the trip (t'is only 4 days so don't fret) and I will hopefully be blogging for my Uni website - i'd like to, don't think the tutor is impressed with me nominating myself though haha

So yes, the next few days will be full of productivity as I try to keep on top of the workload for this project [time and space] before I spend the best part of a week being a stereotypical tourist :)

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