23 Feb 2010

Flight Day

08:10 to London Victoria

08:40am - so the journey begins, I am currently sat in close proximity to a train lavatory whilst on my way to London Victoria – why? I guess I am embarking on something known as a “Euro Trip” but without the alcohol and other “enjoyments”. From Victoria I shall be making my way to Liverpool St, via the winding tunnels that lie underneath London – to catch a train to Stansted Airport – where am I going, or rather, were are we going you ask? Berlin of course! As the countryside passes by like one green and brown blur I am sat here informing Microsoft Word 2007 that I am going to Berlin, and oh how happy I am to say it. Fellow commuters sat around me have no idea, there’s a beautiful dog to my left whose “job” is to keep his friend and perhaps owner on the correct track – he is a guide dog, and as I am sat on this train which is taking me to my first destination I can’t help but ask myself... why did I pack so much into this trolley?!? It weighs a ton! No, actually what I am asking myself is whether anyone will be reading this when I finally and internet connection so I can post it to my blog – why am I sat on a train typing rather loudly and I guess annoying everyone else (other than the dog who just lay down, from this angle he looks just like a miniature lion).

08:45am – the train is slowing down, I think it is nearly at Bromley South, the interchange where I usually disembark in order to catch a connection to University. I don’t know why I am sharing this, I guess I am feeling quite contemplative since there is nothing else to do – type or stare into space, no one is talking, this is quite possibly the quietest train journey I have ever partook in, and I don’t mind one bit. “We will shortly be arriving at Bromley South” – oh so I was 5 minutes premature, it is now 08:50, wow – time sure is passing quickly (sarcasm). The train is so full right now, you know when it’s uncomfortably full and all you can feel is eyes in the back of your head from those who have to stand... at least the dog, who I shall name as “Gregory” since I do not know and will never know his true name, is in relatively high spirits. My spell check is telling me to change the last sentence to “at least the dog, which I shall name” – but isn’t the dog a being? “who” is much better suited surely?

I do enjoy this journey into London Victoria, not so much the journey itself but rather the sights you see whilst on the train – most notably Battersea PowerStation. I guess my whereabouts for my next update will be on the train to Stansted, I don’t think the scenery will be half as inspiring.

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