24 Feb 2010

So before takeoff I was typing an update for this blog using my phone, but I was rather abruptly ordered to “TURN THAT OFF” – of course I know the deal, phones have to be off during takeoff – but I was still annoyed. Apparently the flight takes just under an hour and a half, we took off at 13:20 and taking into account the time different we should be landing around 4pm local time – great, just in time for something authentic t eat.

Talking about something to eat, at the airport I couldn’t help notice the severe lacking of food places for those with specific dietary need – i.e. lactose, dairy, wheat, gluten intolerances. I am rather unfortunately all of the above, with dairy and lactose being the worst offenders – and it seemed that everywhere in the departure lounge only sold foods with cheese or mayonnaise included. Sure, this blog isn’t somewhere I want to bombard the reader with complaints but I thought in this day and age where everyone and their cousin seems to be vegan, vegetarian or other there would at least be somewhere less offending than what I found.

All around me I can hear German natives talking amongst themselves, are they going home? Returning for work? ...or maybe both? I guess it’s a novelty to see a grown up woman such as myself coming close to tears while the plane we’re strapped in to is taking off, I am not a fan of such things!
I am already thinking about what lies in store for us during this trip. It has been confirmed that those who wish to do so can visit Erasmus Schröter’s studio in the city, his work is based around the difference between eastern and western Germany, communism and many other things. Many examples of his work can be found online – I would link some but since I am sat on a plane and there is no wireless internet funnily enough – I can’t! I’m personally quite intrigued with his work. It will be interesting to hear about his work from the horses’ mouth, so to speak!

I don’t know whether anyone on this trip has had the chance to visit a working studio, nevermind that of a well known practicing artist such as Schröter's.

One of the hostesses on this flight is now advertising and trying to sell “smokeless cigarettes” - 6€ a packet, I’m sure smokers can handle 1.5hrs without nicotine. 13:50 – this flight is dragging a little bit, I have no idea where we are right now – possibly over France? All I can think about is getting to the hostel and getting my camera out to take advantage of the new surroundings, checking out the local area and getting some food!

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