12 Feb 2010

I guess I had better start with this project thing... hmm, "Time and Space" - i've done so much research and have so many ideas but none are in a book to be presented to people so yeah, tonight is gona be full of cutting and sticking ;)

I am interested in the idea of memory, repression, monuments and the little pieces of us which make us who we are - and have been experimenting with light manipulations, warping the sense of reality that I and the camera can see, and the time it takes to reveal what is actually there. How's that for "art" talk?

We have a "group tutorial" at Uni on Tuesday, I have no idea what we're meant to do for it.. but I haven't exactly taken any images so I am hoping basic ideas will be enough... although my own are far from basic! I have been readin a lot of Nietzshe, Baudelaire, Proust, Schopenhauer... and some other people, my brain is like mush - I now understand why at least one of these guys went crazy before their death.

I am currently banned from borrowing any equipment from Uni since I couldn't get in yesterday due to train cancellations, i've got a fine of £6 - shock, horror! can't pay until Tuesday and then i'll be late for lecture/tutorial as the payment office is only open 10am-11pm, 3:30pm-4:30pm - and my tutorial starts at 10am so figure that one out! it's in a different building about 10 minutes away! haha

Today has been fun nonetheless, overheard some fantastic conversations on the train back... might do something on "repetition" cause this one woman was great, must be going through a divorce and kept repeating the oddest of phrases.

Anyhow i'd better stop typing and start doing work.... laters.

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