1 Feb 2010

The Art of Forgetting

The next project I have to work on [for Uni] is titled "Time and Space", i'm toying with the idea of seeing what objects from my past I classify with happy memories - i.e. my family never throws anything out and I can remember instances where certain objects were involved... there are also photographs with these objects in that are knocking about, and producing work involving these.

What objects have happy memories attached? which have negative memories attached to them? why do I remember certain experiences when I see certain objects?

There are a lot of questions i'd like to answer, i'm currently reading a few books:

"The Art of Forgetting - Materializing Culture" [edited by Adrian Forty and Susanne K├╝chler]

"Material Memories - Design and Evocation" [edited by Marius Kwint, Christopher Breward, Jeremy Aynsley]

"Memories Cast in Stone - The relevance of the Past in Everyday Life" by David E Sutton

and some other books which aren't so relevant, but which are still invaluable in terms of learning. I will include them in my "resources and influences" book, my little A5 book of delights where i'm noting down everything I check out, i'm aiming for a 1st for this project.

So yeah, that's what I am getting up to.. here's some pics I took recently just while bored in my house - nowt to do with the project.

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