11 Jun 2010

a block of text

It has been a while since I have posted a text blog as I have been trying to be like my peers and only post images of my own - cause that totally makes me seem more of a photographer/artist as I don't have to explain myself. Alas, I am tired of simply posting images without any word of what the reasoning and influences were - I am not what i'd call arty farty but I do like to talk about things that influence me.

During the past couple of weeks I have not been working much, in a photographic sense anyways... I have felt really apathetic towards this project (Time and Space) and I have been concerned over what I am going to do over the summer months. I am working part time at a pharmacy/chemists but I don't think I can survive by being a slave to the grind so I have been looking at other possibilities. I did consider just disappearing off to Sweden for an impromptu "holiday" of sorts but since I spent half my savings on a HTC phone I don't think it is possible now unfortunately!

There are a lot of internships/voluntary work positions I have been interested in but they have either been too far away, only open to graduates or i'm too chicken to apply - my confidence is something I wish to work on over the summer as it has held me back this year so maybe I should just go for it? I do wish I was full of confidence like some people! I am also struggling to regard myself as an artist or photographer, my tutor at University keeps saying that we are all artists but right now I still feel like a college student. I don't have a distinct style, I just shoot and make what I want.. I need to figure out what I want to do in life because at the moment i'm 21 without a clue in hell what I want to do after my studies.

Anyways, here's some of my recent crappy work... it's not like anyone pays attention to this anyways!

I am only just finding my way around the area I live in now, it is amazing the things you can find while on a walk in the country.