28 Feb 2010

East Side Gallery, Berlin.

A Berliner gem and definately worth a visit if you're in the area... and since the u-bahn and s-bahn is damn cheap compared to most modes of transport in the UK you don't need to fret about going over budget. I do love German public transport, yes - I am a sad little tourist that loved the novelty of being able to keep the tickets from the u/s-bahn, I loved how you have to validate a ticket and you get a date and place stamp so you can remember where you've been, and I love how reasonably priced travelling is.

I visited this "gallery" on the final day of our visit - along with many other sites of interest on the same day. Transport around the city is quick and easy (most ticket machines have an option to be in English which makes things easier of course!)

There is a section of the Berlin wall just a short walk away from Warschauer Stra├če s-bahn station, it is a 1.3km stretch of wall dedicated to art - I think it's a fabulous way to use somethingthat was in effect created for something ever so slightly evil. The gallery is called East Side Gallery, evidently named since it is situated in what was east Berlin - there are a few shops where tourists can purchase souvenirs and also a lot of hostels nearby with artwork covering the walls.

This, along with Tacheles (previous blog post) were among my favourite parts of the city... we ventured to quite a few art galleries but I prefer the more tangeable approach to art, I could feel the wall... I could touch the cast iron and the walls in Tacheles, I would have probably been fined thousands of Euro's if I touched an original piece by Andy Warhol.

I was relieved I managed to visit this area as it, along with more notable tourist destinations such as the Brandenburger Tor and other parts of the Berliner Mauer, I desperately wanted to see - the artists who produced work specifically for the wall definately did the eerie setting justice, the entire area is brightened up by the works - even if most are still related to the times when the wall was not broken.

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