25 Feb 2010

it's snowing in Berlin

08:10 – 24/0210

It’s snowing in Berlin.

After a lengthy late night tour of the city on our first day (including the Reichstag, the view from what can only be described as an observatory was spectacular) I am now sat here, ever so slightly annoyed because although there is a wireless internet connection available to guests – my computer seems to refuse to connect. Despite this I am definitely not in anything comparable to a “bad” mood, these “Chesterfield” sofas are comfortable, I can smell breakfast being cooked, and I managed to have a wash before the rush – WIN! ...internet talk aside I guess I was too eager to be out and about to sleep any longer.

Last night me, some fellow students (including two Erasmus students from Conneticut and New York, respectively) and Roger who I know as our contextual studies lecturer, dined in the Moon Thai restaurant just a short walk from the hostel – after such a long day (getting up at 6am to get ready for the journey, three train rides, a tube journey in London and in Berlin... and a flight of course, I guess we were hungry! I didn’t want to focus on food in this blog since well, i’m an art student and what should art students write about? I’ll give you one guess, we saw a fair bit of it in the Reichstag last night!

It amazes me the amount of what we know as “graffiti” just placed anywhere and everywhere in this part of Berlin, not so much where the hostel is situated but more down friedrichstrasse (forgive me, I cannot do the correct character) – and beyond. It is impressive, and nice to see that a city such as this is cultural rich but also “arty”. Today the students can either choose to visit Leipzig and possibly Dessau with Roger, to visit a relatively well known and practising photographer’s studio or have a talk with him, one of the two! I can’t quite recall right now. I’ll be sure to correct myself in a later post today if I am incorrect!

It’s still snowing in Berlin... 08:20am, better wrap up warm for the long and informative day ahead.

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