7 Feb 2010

Hi, i'm Lily Allen... I say I suffer from body dysmorphia but i'm quite happy parading around in my underwear - please give me more attention.

If Ms. Allen thinks SHE'S fat then i'm clearly obese, there's no need to bring another bird down to try and put her point accross - she could have just said she thinks she's fat. Whatever people say about Michelle McManus (which isn't a lot) there's really no need to use her as the token obese person... Ms Allen really has no tact, she has no consideration for other people so why vie for attention herself?

I think someone needs a good old slap, I thought she was dropping out of the music industry anyways? i've clearly missed something... don't get me wrong, I might have liked one or two songs, and she might actually suffer from body dysmorphia (and in that case then well she probably needs to take a good long look in the mirror to realise how much of a norse she is) but all this media crap is pissing me ever so slightly off.

"Compare me to Kate Moss and all of those supermodels and, yes, I probably am on the podgy side. But in reality I'm fine.'

Oh but Lily, I thought you see yourself as obese? and if you put ANYONE up to Kate "stick" Moss they'll look like a heffer, everyone knows that.

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