17 Mar 2010

you know you're from Birmingham when

I WANT TO GO HOOOMMMEEEE! :'( (taken from facebook, group HERE)

bold = I have done it, say it or know it.

1.You call the cathedral part behind Colmore row pigeon park (who doesn't?).

2. You used to/or still do sit in pigeon park for no reason whatsoever, unless you are not an emo/goth/scene kid, then the only time this is acceptable is in the summer.

3. You have to adamantly protest that you are not a yam yam because you don't talk like you're from Dudley or Walsall.

4. You have had/or regularly have had a mooch in Oasis market.

5. You've always wanted to play hide and seek in the bullring.

6. You've either humped/sat on/had your photo taken in front of the bull.

7. You have realised by now all of the big Issue sellers are complete weirdos, especially the old man that grumbles. And the foreign woman who is usually outside Sainsbury's or Waterstones shouting 'vig ishlee'.

8. You been wrecked clubbing on Broad street and sung along to 'Wonderwall' with the hobo that plays his guitar there on a Saturday night.

9. You been on/or are too scared to go on the big wheel in Centenery square at Christmas times.

10. You love that the McDonalds on the ramp is open 24 hours on a Friday and Saturday, what a life saver!

11. You miss the Carling Academy.

12...and Toys R Us!

13. You call Primark, Primarni.

14. You used to wander round the Bullring/Selfridges after school, stealing the jellybeans.

15. You have seen the old white man who dresses like a pimp in his matching suits and hat. :)

16. You have seen the TALL black guy in the dungarees who's constantly walking through the Pallasades dragging his suitcase is a very strange way.

17. You have done the whole route of the 11 bus (outer curcle), or at least attempted it.

18. You know what the floozey in the jacuzzi is, and have often played in it as a child.

19. You still call House of Fraiser 'Rackhams'.

20. You call Birmingham city centre 'town' even though it's a city, and when you say 'town' to people, you expect them to know which one.

21. You've seen the black guy with the guitar/basketball in the Pallasades, the one who thinks he's Michael Jordan.

22. You think the guy that draws caricatures by the ramp is terrible!

23. You always see the three random people shouting about God outside Primark. There's the black woman, the old white man with the dark hair, and the other white man with the jacket that says 'Jesus' or something on the back.

24. You are proud to be the second biggest city in the UK!

25. You've seen the grey statue man who drops his balls and waits for people to pick them up.

26. You can't wait for the German market to come round every year.

27. Your school trips as a child were to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Thinktank and the Sea Life Centre.

28. You danced along to the steel pan men outside HSBC.

29. You think TWM charge stupid prices for buses that don't even run on time, and you dread every January when they put the fare up more.

30. You've used the lift at New Street to go under the barriers so you don't have to pay train fare.

31. When you're offered a Shortlist/Style magazine every second of the bloody day when they come out!

32. You get offered a mixtape cd every time you walk past the Odeon.

33. You wait for the red Krispy Kreme sign so spin in the Bullring so you can get you're free donut.

34. You take a leaflet off one of the people at the bottom of the ramp, look at it and drop it immediately.

35. You know what a cob is.

36. You say 'mom' NOT MUM!

37. Everywhere you go you hear those bloody bird whistles.

38. The black man with the weird hat wants to give you a 'FREE' leaflet that you need to donate money to have. >_<

39. You know what a gambol is.

40. Your front door has more than three locks.

41. Police sirens are just background noise.

42. You call the off license the 'outdoor'.

43. You have been to Latifs warehouse and bought something youdidn't need just because you thought you were saving money.

44. You hear the speaker on the ramp announce; 'please keep to left when moving along this ramp'.

45. You've been to Cannon Hill park and the nature centre as a child or even as an adult.

46. You can't wait for the beach to come round every summer by central library.

47. You know who mad Malik is.

48. You call ketchup 'red sauce'.

49. You know we take Christmas lights very seriously when loads of people get crushed and they cancel any future light switch ons.

50. You call potato fritters 'scallops'.

51. You pronounce it 'scon' not scone.

52. You've LOL'd at the reggae sax man outside HSBC with the dancing cat.

53.You go all the way to the AMC rather than Odeon or Cineworld purely for the fact that it has arm rests that you can lift up and create a "sofa".

54. You're constantly complaining about the teenagers that play music at the back of the bus. Get some earphones!

55. You cannot walk through town without being harassed to 'spare a minute of your time' to sign up to a charity.

56. You carry an umbrella just in case! And you're always moaning about the crap weather.

57. You remember the cream statue of the people and buildings that used to be outside the Rep theatre that got burned down.

58. You've seen the stickers on the bus that look like there's a policeman sitting at the back of the bus.

59. You know what tiptops are.

60. You know what bobbles are.

62. You call fizzy drink 'pop' and cordial 'squash'.

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