8 Mar 2010

rabbit in the headlights

I might just be exlaining shit to myself, since I've realised that there's no such thing as common decency in blogging (you follow someone, shouldn't they return the favour?) but I do quite enjoy getting what I'm doing out there. I can't manage to stick shit into sketchbooks but this is ever so slightly more accessible, its there wherever I need it (I'm on my BlackBerry now) and it's ordered.

These images are the result of a bit of an experimentation with an Infrared filter and my DSLR - even though there's no filter on the flash the effect is still quite noticeable (some self portraits on flickr page). As soon as the other bits and bobs arrive that I bought off ebay I can get this project properly on the road but the basis of this project is memories lo and behold, the mighty Nesquick spoon.

It's a long story, better typed on a computer I think.

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