9 Mar 2010

building a more meaningful existence

I haven't had a very productive day. Initially I was quite looking forward to the day; producing work in a workshop based on transition and other cool things, but after the news I got I just didn't feel like doing anything and besides, if I produced anything i'd probably have the idea ripped off within the day.

I'm falling out of love with being open and talkative, maybe I should be a miserable shit like most of the infamous and fabulous artisans are? maybe there is a reason a lot of influential creative minds are reclusive?

I managed until dinner time and once I realised what exercise we were expected to do (listen to "music" and draw????) I decided to [ RUN TO THE HILLS ] ;)

...I had a lovely afternoon lazing infront of the sofa watching daytime television.

Anyways, since I felt like I haven't done much today I figured i'd share some guy I found online.. I love most of his work, it's exactly what I want to do, I want a website with everything i've ever dreamed of doing on - one day I will achieve this.


blog title taken from this.

I like his work very very much, it's a pity you can't get Polaroid film/cases anywhere... I have two 600 series Polaroids, I am very tempted to use them.

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