15 Mar 2010

Time and Space [NEW IDEA]

I have changed my mind completely about this project, since people think it's okay to rip off other people's ideas (not naming any names but they know who they are and if they're reading this I hope they start using their own noggin and stop stealing ideas) I am not going into any kind of detail, but lets just say I came up with it within 2 seconds of thinking, while listening to a washing machine spinning and my mom talking to the dog - random huh? don't even bother trying to figure that shit out, my brain works in crazy and wonderful ways, and i'm not gona give anyone else a leg up by being open any more.

I need a macro lens, I need a wide angle lens and I need a 35mm camera and film.... SORTED!

I started going to "art school" to improve my wrok output and become more knowledgeable about art in general, with like minded people - I didn't start going to art school to be in an evironment where there's cliques and well, I would say competitiveness but it's not - so I wont.

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