4 Mar 2010

and they glisten in a light neither you or I can see

I feel as though I should be doing research while I wait for my "bits and bobs" to arrive, namely the infrared filter and film, flash gun and slide film.

Here are some images I have found on flickr that I find to be along the lines of what i'd like to achieve.

"Dead" - flickr set

"warm to the touch" flickr set
"what do you see?" flickr
"salvaged IR" - flickr

The main thing I love about Infrared black and white photography is how dreamlike the images can appear, depending on the exposure an light used to light the object/figure. Natural light appears to give a "softer" appearance, whereas studio lighting gives a harsher (relative, since Infrared film seems to be softer) white highlights.

When I start shooting I will experiment with both natural light and harsh flash light, but in different locations or rather - situations. I will be shooting with flash in darkness, complete darkness if possible - and will fire the flash with a "makeshift" infrared filter attached (processed unexposed slide film), invisible light anyone? I think this will result in two sets of images with a definite differing feel to them.

I haven't yet decided whether I will shoot on location (at "home") or in a studio, since I will be working with important objects to me - i.e. sentimental value and breakables, I may shoot at home.

I now need to find somewhere that processed infrared film, hmmm

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