23 Jan 2010

You know, I do hate inevitability - and the inevitability I am talking about now is me getting a really shite grade in my first Uni project. After months of planning and decision making I am going to fail because I can't seem to find a shop in Kent that sells colour darkroom paper.. and I don't think i'll actually have time to produce the prints I need to do.

I used the bits and bobs I salvaged from the television, along with other electrical goods and whatever else i'd accumulated since I decided on what I was going - and created what i'd like to describe as "globes" - in reference to the planet, and also some circular designs in reference to the oroborus and "continuity". My plan was to, at the last minute since I needed to find a television, create photograms using what i've made and hopefully be left with beautiful, abstract, random prints that would be a great end to a disasterous project. I don't think it's gona work that way.

I will have to pop into Uni early on monday and see if there is any colour paper knocking around, or ask where I could purchase some so I can do the prints... I mean, the nearest Jessops (in Maidstone) doesn't stock it and the guy I asked looked at me as if i'm a martian... the independant place in Maidstone resulted in much the same response, the girl in Snapp Snaps blamed her being from Canterbury as to why they didn't sell paper (wtf?) and well, there's nowhere near me where I can possibly think to get paper.. since well, yeah. I shall go for a galavant around London and see what I can get.

So, apart from all the stress of producing something the tutors will like (since anything I want to do but couldn't explain properly was not good enough) today has been good, I bought a larger memory card for the trip to Berlin... some phrase books and such, some chocolate (yes!) and other crap I probably shouldn't have wasted my money on.. i'm also bidding on a Ibanez RG7420 7 String guitar on Ebay, cause I want to be a rockstar in my spare time - wish me luck! haha

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