24 Jan 2010

So I would say I am officially addicted to ebay, because i'm too cheap to buy things new when I know I can get them cheaper - I actually don't see anything wrong with that and although people might scoff when I reply "I bought it off ebay" at least I haven't been ripped off... I hope.

I am currently in the market (no innuendo, please) for an electric guitar, yes.. gasp, a guitar. I have spent x amount of years wanting to learn but after numerous conversations with my parents I only ever managed to be given an acoustic, and however nice it was of them to give me said acoustic guitar I guess it just wasn't what I wanted. Yes, you may call me ungrateful but come on.. acoustic vs. electric? I wanted to be a rockstar damnit and at 21 I think i'm still allowed to dream! .....*sigh*

So yes, i am as of this month gona be teaching myself how to play guitar.. I am also after a pair of ex army issue boots that will be more comfortable to wear than all the other boots I own. I am no longer bothered with the fact I am vertically challenged, I just want to be comfortable! traipsing around London is not comfortable in HEELS - I found that out the hard way and my feet still haven't recovered. I just want a nice pair of boots that don't look like a cowboys' throwback - cause that's all the shops seem to have these days! if they haven't got a heel they are just BUTT UGLY, so i'm not impressed... - but ebay might save the say (as always!) - although it does seem that every pair of decent boots are only ankle height.. argh!!!

Oh and just to moan some more, i'm definately failing my first project at uni... damn.

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