24 Jan 2010

I don't understand how people can get so annoyed over this: McDonalds article

..also, I went to set up the direct debit for my contact lenses today and they issued me with a 3 month supply of lenses - JUST for my right eye, they didn't have any in my perscription for my left eye, so why did they give them me?!? what's the use of having just one eye covered for the next week until the order comes in? I don't get it, I might as well have just collected both sets when they come in.

That's Vision Express for ya...

Also, I might just have bought myself a guitar... i'm still winning the auction with 5 minutes to go :)

I shall be going to Silverprint in London tomorrow cause I desperately need to sort myself out and not fail my uni project.... wish me luck :P

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