29 Jan 2010

This afternoon i am concentrating on making a powerpoint presentation [for uni] of sites that interest me [focusing on photography] - the brief said i could include blogs so one of the sites i'm using is a blog titled "Facehunter" or rather "Yvan Rodic" - there's two for the same person! Yvan Rodic Blogspot I am not usually into works n fashion and image but I do enjoy following this one. It doesnt just focus on the aesthetics of the people "Facehunter" sees, it also focuses on the surroundings and everything else - there are some gems.

The second site is quite different, Night In The Metropole is an online magazine that appears to be in its infancy in terms of running time - but I have been quite impressed with the work inluded on the site so far. I have never heard of any of the practitioners, and it seems anyone can submit work (wink, wink) so i must have a stab at that in the future... and although the website doesn't have any text, it is still quite appealing as a tool to present work. It is quite minimal too, I like minimal.

Yeah, now i'm being distracted by "House Gift" - woo ;)

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