16 Jul 2009


is my moms 59th birthday, and lord don't I know it.

My brother forgot, typically - even though I bought a card for him he still forgot to sign it, boooooo Lee - what a norse!

Max had his first vaccinations today, he was so brave.. the vet and nurses seem to really like Mr Maximus and this he's a nice cross (Jack Russell X Chihuahua) ;) he's also being well behaved and is pissing and shitting in the right place, namely his "nappy" with the training scent on.

I still have had no feedback from job applications, nothing at all - fucking rude! i'd at least expect a "nooooo" letter or something to at least let me know I need to try elsewhere! I swear it's because of where i'm originally from, i'm not from the Medway originally see - I only just moved down here from Birmingham! and oh how I miss the familiarity of the city.

Nothing much else to report, oh Lee has training in some plane or plain somewhere.. Salisbury? I saw it on the TV with a Chinook helicopter, the Grenadiers are preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan in Sept/Oct - it's a little shit.

Yeah, my life is soooo interesting, isn't it?

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