26 Jul 2009

This week has not been interesting

Maximus, Maximouse... whatever we call him, but that puppy sure has some beans in him, he is like a little pocket rocket! the house training is still in progress, he isas hard as nails.. when in the kitchen he does it where he should, he poops outside - but in the living room? he wont run into the kitchen he'll just poop in a corner instead.

I've had a rough week emotionally and mentally, I did some things I should probably not have and for that I ended up with a sleepless night and vomiting, my stomach is still tender and I am avoiding medication at all costs. I discovered that the nearest hospital is crap, the triage staff point blank ask you if you feel suicidal - well, obviously.. taking something like I did that kind of answers the question, I hardly wanted to be reminded. I didn't appreciate being sat in a waiting room for 2 and a half hours for a blood test which didn't materialise, liver damage? who cares, I just wanted to get some sleep... which I didn't do anyways as I was kept awake by now caring parents. They obviously didn't want the embarrassment of their daughter topping herself.

All honesty aside, i'm feeling fine :)

I've got some new glasses, I destroyed my previous pair through a rage and they were no longer covered... the Vision Express in Chatham is a cool place to spend your Wednesday morning/early afternoon.

I'm now back in contact with a past friend, although nothing has changed but I have... I really don't think this is gona bode well, liars never change - do they? nor attention seekers.

Yeah, everything else is boring so i'm not typing anymore... I just can't be assed.

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