13 Jul 2009

So here it is, it finally happened

I had been toying with the idea of having a blog, or rather, somewhere I can vent which wont get the attention of "friends" for some time... I only frequent 2 or 3 websites, those being the fan site I adore (http://www.jesterhead.com) and also facebook, of course! so it's hard to relay what I want to say when.. everyone has it brought to their attention by their news feed. I just wanted somewhere to be free of concerns about how people might react to my inane rambling, and also my constant fears and worries - yes, I did warn you.. I over analyze until i'm red in the face, everything in the past that has been good for me i've ruined due to my constant fear of reprisal for being a sarcastic and bad tempered young lady. I don't mean to sound self loathing here, god - if I do please slap me sideways (some how!) as this blog is meant to help with my worries and enable me to get another point of view of what is going on in my poor little brain.

Yes, I think like twitter I shall get addicted to rambling.. sorry :)

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