14 Jul 2009


Today has dragged so much, although it has been quite busy in terms of things to do.. max the Jackhuahua has tired me out so much... he is now in his 3rd day of living with us and well, he's settled in perfectly. He has started to become more vocal, and now has the nickname "ankle biter" as he loves nothing more than to bite my toes and ankles!! typical of a teething pup I guess! I went shopping to several places today, including Sainsbury's woooo - felt a little paranoid because whilst being in there for some odd reason, probably because I didn't eat breakfast this morning.. no time!
When i'm hungry I get a little agitated and tempermental, along with paranoid... s'all good!

I have to admit that i've eaten tons today, as I missed breakfast I had a yoghurt and banana for "brunch", a beef and horseradish cob for dinner with a pack of baked crisps, chinese stir fry for tea followed with a Muller Rice and just now some poppy seed crackers and light philly! I didn't drink a lot though so that is definately something I need to concentrate on, I just can't stand the water down here (no offence to those living in the South of England, but I was brought up in the Midlands and drank Welsh water all my life!!) this stuff is awful, doesn't taste clean and the kettle needs descaling every 2 weeks!!! i've never had to descale a kettle in my entire LIFE!!

So yeah, all in all an okay day... could have been worse, had a few arguments with mom but that's expected since I was hungry. I took lots of pics of Max the Jackhuahua, they're on my facebook page and also on flickr now so be sure to check them out! he's so adorable now.. I wonder how big he'll get....

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